White Mountain Ice Cream Makers

Old Fashioned White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

Since 1853 White Mountain has been helping families, friends, and other groups, create lasting memories with their exceptional line of high quality ice cream makers.

Old Fashioned Craftsmanship For A Lifetime of Enjoyment

White Mountain makes ice cream makers that last a lifetime. In 1953 they added the first electric ice cream maker to their line of products, reawakening home ice cream making tradition for a whole new generation and their families.

Manual Ice Cream Maker

Easy To Use An Economical

White Mountain manages to combine high quality with a great value. These ice cream makers make it possible for everyone to enjoy what it is like to use the right tool for the job. Making your own ice cream can also save you a lot of money over the years.

The ingredients to make ice cream are far cheaper to buy than the finished product. This adds us even faster if you usually buy organic or grass fed dairy products at your grocery store.

Customize Your Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Experience

You will no longer be limited to the selection that you offered at your local grocery store. It can be a lot of fun to let kids experiment with their own mixings using small bowls or cups. In fact, you can make an entire party centered around this very thing on a hot summer day!

Old Fashioned White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

Don’t Let Dietary Restrictions Take Away From Your Enjoyment

Ice cream and frozen yogurt made at home makes it possible to still indulge without breaking the rules of your diet. Diabetics for example can use substitute sweeteners or if you are worried about your kids getting too much sugar, you can reduce the amount your recipe contains.

Sorbets and other fruit based ices can make a great substitute for those that are more dairy sensitive or want a lower calorie option. Many commercial ice creams contain high fructose corn syrup so if you are trying to avoid this in your diet, it can be hard to find many options that don’t contain it.

High Quality White Mountain Ice Cream Makers

High Quality Means A Lifetime of Use

White Mountain Ice Cream Makers are built to last. In fact, you see many very old models that are still being used. Unlike cheap and poorly made ice cream makers, you can actually buy replacement parts if needed or if you are given an older machine that needs refurbished or has missing pieces.

The high quality ice cream bucket is still traditionally made with high quality New England tongue and groove Pine secured with sturdy metal bands while the metal churn bucket features a unique “twin dasher” system that uses an outer canister that turns clockwise while the blades turn both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

This system is White Mountain’s secret to making sure that you always make the smoothest and best tasting ice cream each and every time.

Electric Ice Cream Makers

The convenience of a strong 12,000 RPM motor means you can have 4 quarts of delicious ice cream in 20-40 minutes. White Mountain makes a 4-quart and 6-quart electric ice cream maker to meet the needs of different size groups.

Electric Ice Cream Makers

Hank Cranked

For some, part of the fun of making ice cream at home or at a large gathering, is sitting around and taking turns turning the crank. This also makes it possible to enjoy homemade ice cream where running a power cord is either not desirable or even possible. At your next family gathering the kids can each take a turn cranking out some goodness for everyone to enjoy. The White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker also comes in both a 4 and 6-quart size.

Convenient Storage Of Extra Ice Cream

You can make a lot of ice cream with any model of maker. White Mountain makes storing leftovers easy. When you are done serving simply cap off the canister and place it in your freezer to enjoy at a later time.

Wooden Ice Cream Maker

Interchangeable Parts

White Mountain makes ice cream making easy no matter where you are by making replacement parts and accessories completely interchangeable. This means that if you have an electric ice cream maker but are going to be somewhere that a hand cranked model is needed, you can simply by the hand crank apparatus and use that instead of the motor.

On the same note you can add the electric motor assembly if you have a hand cranked model and want the convenience of letting the ice cream make itself.

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